The Banner, often referred to as a building or a statue, operates precisely as it does within the game. You can set its level and tier, which will determine the attack speed buff of the units placed adjacent to it. The board tool will automatically detect these adjacent units and apply the appropriate buffs to […]


Boreas The Boreas unit is known for its unique dual-phase firing modes. Aside from the standard level and tier picker, the Boreas tool also provides options to customize phase lengths and the activation interval. This allows you to simulate certain talents and optimize your gameplay strategy by understanding how the mechanics of the unit work. […]


Bruiser The Bruiser unit operates similarly to the Demon Hunter, relying on different mechanics for a damage increase. In addition to the standard level and tier picker that affects the unit’s base damage and speed, the Bruiser offers a couple of unique settings. Damage Increase: This value percent field can be used to simulate different […]


Chemist The Magic of Chemist: The Chemist unit is a bit like the Trapper unit because they both give a damage buff. This is like a potion that makes your attacks stronger. But unlike the Trapper’s debuff that can go up to 180%, the Chemist’s buff maxes out at 103%. Stacking Buffs Together: You might […]


Cultist The Cultist is a unique unit that shines when played in a specific ‘cross’ or ‘intersection’ formation. This involves having 4 units surrounding a main unit to maximize its potential. You can also set up two overlapping intersections, where two center units have 6 surrounding units, to provide both center units with the Empowered […]