1. Deck Calculator
    • The Deck Calculator is a practical tool for determining the potential DPS of your selected 5-card deck. While it doesn’t directly provide the optimal layout, it allows you to experiment with different card combinations, providing insights into the DPS that each set-up can achieve. Supports Armor, Enchantments, Heroes, Weapons, and more.
  2. Sword Counter
    • The Sword Counter is a game-enhancing tool that allows you to track your sword count during a game. By having a real-time count, you can make informed decisions on merging to optimize gameplay and increase your chances of victory.
  3. Clock Gauge
    • The Clock Gauge is an innovative tool designed to help you outsmart your opponent. It provides a real-time estimate of how many clocks you’ll need to successfully counter your opponent’s moves and by what margin you can outperform them.
  4. Board Designer
    • The Board Designer is an interactive tool that assists you in determining the optimal DPS setup. It allows you to place units in various combinations, simulating different gameplay scenarios to maximize damage output. Currently, it does not support Heroes, Weapons, or Armor, but is still a powerful tool for strategizing and testing DPS outcomes.

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